Snap Advances specializes in serving businesses of all kinds through our Merchant Cash Advance Funding Program. Here are some examples:

Restaurants & Food Service

We believe that, in order to build valuable, lasting relationships, you need to bring more to the relationship than you take away. We go the extra mile in all we do to make sure our partners understand we truly do care about the success of their business.

Autobody / Automotive Repair

Running a successful automotive shop is quite the balancing act. Being honest with your customers about the issues involving their car without overburdening them with technical information that might confuse them.

Beauty Salons

You are an artist and an entrepreneur. Your clients look to you for advice and inspiration for their appearance, your employees look up to you for your leadership and the example you set, they also depend on you for their continued professional success, and you get to release your artistic passion on your chosen canvas – your clients.

Bars / Alcohol Service & Sales

You own one of the hippest spots in town; or maybe you plan on making your bar one of the hippest. Perhaps you just want to keep your establishment the same familiar place that your patrons love. Whatever the case, this economy is presenting bar owners with new and unique hurdles to overcome.

Dentist Offices

As a dentist you’re not only a doctor but also an entrepreneur. You have to balance a number of important and differing elements in order to have a successful practice: staying on top of the latest developments in dental hygiene and medicine, balance accounts, diagnose patients’ oral disorders, be a leader to your staff, stay appraised of the best specialists…

Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

People need to eat: this is a fact. Despite the need for nourishment, this recession has hit grocery stores and supermarkets in a number of ways. Consumers in greater numbers are shopping with frugality in mind these days, making a shopping list and sticking to it, using coupons, avoiding frivolity and shopping loss leaders.

Convenience Stores

You cater to everyone: the laborer searching for a quick, delicious meal; the soccer moms looking for convenient snacks; the executive picking up a forgotten item for dinner; school kids wanting to spend some cash on their favorite novelty food items.

Dry Cleaning / Laundry Services

You have a very difficult business. People love their clothes and expect you to keep them looking new. Your customers expect you to get out every type of stain imaginable and have their clothes back in as short a time as possible. Customer service is an important aspect of your industry. You have to be able to balance customers’ expectations with feasibility and keep them happy.

Furniture / Home Furnishings

You help people turn a house into a home. Your store is where customers come to find furniture, you help them make sure it is perfect for their home and their lifestyle. Your business is part interior design, part sales, and totally fulfilling as you help people find the perfect piece of furniture.

Doctors / Physician Offices

You own your own practice. As a doctor or a business person running a doctor’s office you are in the business of health care. Your patients come to you needing help from your facility in order to feel better and return to good health. What you do gives you a good feeling, like you are always doing something to help others, something they wouldn’t be able to do on their own.

Hotels and Motels

Running a hospitality business comes with its own unique set of challenges. Whether you are managing a hotel, motel, or inn, no other industry has customers who have such high expectations for customer service. Your employees all have to be spot on when it comes to dealing with your customers and anticipating their needs and wants. Every aspect of your profession involves making people happy and comfortable.

Florist & Gift Stores

Gift and floral shops provide a valuable service to customers – helping them make someone happy. As a shop owner you have the privilege of helping someone choose the right gift or floral arrangement for the person they want to give it to. A spouse or lover, a best friend, a child, someone who’s fallen ill.

Nail Salons / Day Spas

The human nail is a canvas to you. Your clients need you for advice and inspiration; the right color, the perfect style for an event. Clients can come and relax while they feel pampered by your services. Your nail salon or day spa is like a retreat, a place where people can come to unwind and feel and look their best.

Retail / Specialty Stores

You own a highly specialized business tailored to a specific type of customer. Whether you sell phones, a particular type of clothing, bonsai trees, or makeup your specialty store caters to customers who are only interested in what you have to offer. You have to know your specialty inside and out because your customers expect you to know your merchandise perfectly.

Clothing Stores

You own a trendy clothing store where people can find the latest styles. Or maybe you cater to a niche group that loyally patronize your store. Whatever the type of clothing store you own you love your business; getting to help customers find the perfect fit or the right style, seeing the latest in fashion appear on your shelves, the sense of satisfaction as a customer leaves your store ecstatic about their new clothes.


A Snap Advance is not a loan. It’s a purchase-and-sell agreement. As a merchant, you agree to sell a portion of your future sales at a discounted amount. Listen to these success stories.

Jeff Daigneau - Latitude Restaurant
West Springfield, Massachusetts

Chad King - Douglas County Diesel
Castle Rock, Colorado

Laura Powell - Bountiful Music
Bountiful, Utah